As from April 14, 2014.

Shipping & Rates

NL to NL:

EUR 6,00

Free shipping for orders above EUR 100

NL to Europe (EU):

EUR 10,00

Free shipping for orders above EUR 150

NL to Europe (non-EU):

EUR 12,50

Free shipping for orders above EUR 150

NL to Rest of the World:

EUR 18,50

In general our shipping rates are derived from the tariffs of the common NL postal services provider.

We reserve the right to change our shipping policies and rates anytime.

Should you have specific wishes for the shipment of your order, let us know in advance so that we can try to adapt. In the checkout process of your shoppingcart you can provide us with additional information about your order. You may also drop us an email for that.

Packaging, Carrier Selection, Responsability

We will select the carrier to deliver the parcel to your address. Our choice will be based on a 'cheap and best' policy, taking into account the circumstances and the specifics of your order such as the order amount, weight, reachability of the destination etc. In general Lila Pixie chooses Post NL from The Netherlands as the carrier to deliver a parcel at the client's address.

We will take due care to pack your products properly. Lila Pixie accepts no responsability for damage or loss caused by the carrier, so the parcel will be dispatched at your risk. We are not obliged to insure the goods or the transport thereof on your behalf.

Should your shipping address be problematic for us or if sending a parcel there would be substantially more expensive than recoverable from our proposed shipment charges, we will let you know this and do our best to find a solution with you.

Order Fulfilment, Acceptance

We let you know that we run a very small scale business and do most of what is needed by ourselves. Please be patient with us and allow us ample time to process and ship your order. Think about from one week up to a month after receipt of your order and payment. We know this doesn't sound too ambitious, but alas.

Orders will be fulfilled after receipt of payment. We do not provide credit.

We reserve the right to wholly or partially refuse fulfilment of any order anytime, even after receipt your payment (of course we then will refund the appropriate amount).

Return Policy

You may return the goods purchased from us within fourteen days after their delivery at your address. We will refund the price you paid us for the goods (not our shipping charges), provided the goods returned are received by us in exactly the same condition as we sent them off to you. The costs of sending the goods back to us are for your account. You will dispatch the goods at your own risk, so make sure they are well protected during transport.

Should returned goods not be received by us or in an altered or deteriorated state, we will not be obliged to a refund.